Thursday, February 10, 2011


I kinda like lists, don't you? Lists a straight to the point and are bare bones information the kind I prefer anyway. I thought I would share a list with you of things I am learning about leading churches. I don't claim to know much at all - honestly - In fact about the time I think I have found some answers life has a way of changing all the questions. So, look over my list and help me, at least, learn to ask the right questions. Have fun

Things I am learning about leading churches:

About the organization itself:
• It is amazing what can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit
• Churches don’t have money problems - they have heart problems
• Knowing what a church wants to do is more important than what it costs (Vision drives giving)
• There is always tension between convenience and growth
• If you don’t change it – it will die

About the pastorate:
• The single most important thing you can do is love your wife
• Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of ministry
• Church is all about relationships
• Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t
• Leading a church is a horribly wonderful thing to do with your life

About preaching:
• Keep preaching off the high shelf and down where people can reach it
• Turn everything you possibly can into a story
• People need love, hope and grace. Don’t beat them up when you preach
• Seldom do people complain when you preach a sermon that is too short
• You can’t disciple people from the pulpit. Lead them to be self feeders
• Never underestimate the importance of preaching – give it your best

About vocational staff:
• Hire staff for their love of people over their talent
• The right staff person expands ministry, but it does not make it easier
• Hire coaches not players, and then as few as possible
• Maximize volunteers as long as possible - then wait several years before hiring
• If you have to look for a staff person to fill a position you may not need the position

About your emotional stability and spiritual growth
• The work of the church around you can destroy the work of the Lord in you
• Don’t take yourself too seriously
• All leadership positions are interim – including yours!
• Respect comes from inside not from your title
• Develop an identity outside of the church
• It is very hard to be close friends with people who call you pastor
• Don’t take to heart what people say about you whether good or bad
• If you can do something else and be fulfilled don’t pastor a church
• Being a pastor is just a job – a great one, but still just a job

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